Malaysia: A major dispute over the usage of the name of “ALLAH”

Dispute over the usage the name of ALLAH

Malaysia’s Supreme Court rejected appeal against the decision by the Christians to God the word ‘Allah’ use was banned.

The lawsuit was filed by the Catholic Church in which they were requested to removal the ban, which was imposed in 200. However the federal court said the ban was the right decision.

The dispute started when a mixed-language newspaper of the Catholic Church, the Christian God ‘Allah’ word was used. People of all religions in Malaysia used the ‘Allah’ word in mix-language.

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Christians say they are using the word for centuries, and their stance that the law violates their rights.

However, according to the Malaysian officials from the use of this term is possible that some Muslims have converted to Christianity and its messing up. Two-thirds of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, but there are also significant numbers of Christians, Hindus and settled.

The law of Malaysia is continuing its long-standing tensions in the country, during which there were heavy debate started. Herald, the newspaper of the Catholic Church had initially appealed against the ban and in 2009 a court ruled in his favor was given but later turned the Court decision.

Obama: US ready for “Targeted Operation” in Iraq

U.S Targeted Operation in Iraq

U.S. President Barack Obama said the U.S. needed to stop the advance of extremists in Iraq; US ready for “targeted operation” and ready to hit specific targets.But he stressed that U.S. ground forces will not participate in the fighting in Iraq.

President Barack Obama said that 300 military advisers to help the Iraqi government will be sent, but he emphasized that the issue of Iraq a ‘military solution’ is not solution its political solution is needed.

US targeted operation in Iraq c

The Iraqi government has formally requested the United States during the last week of Iraq to occupy several major cities and towns by Dolat Islamic Iraq and Syria (dais) to bombardment of targets belonging to militants.

US president Obama said that it is not the work of US to select the leader s of Iraq, but he urged ‘all inclusive’ agenda to follow.

U.S. military chief General Martin Dempsey said

Earlier on Wednesday, U.S. senators in Washington, referring to the U.S. military chief General Martin Dempsey said his Iraqi government has been asked to provide air support.
General Dempsey said the U.S. action against ‘Daesh militants’ is in their interest.

But he warned the U.S. military to act with intelligence information are still needed. He said that during the bombardment would be difficult for the pilots to know how they are attacked.

Court sentences Hosni Mubarak three year imprisonment in the case of corruption

Court sentences three year imprisonment to Hosni Mubarak ex-president of Egypt

Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak, a court in a case of embezzlement found guilty sentenced to three years in prison.

The high court also sentenced four years prison to his two sons Alaa and Gamal which found guilty,.

They were sentenced in court when the Hosni Mubarak in the dock greenish gray suit sitting on wheelchair and his white prison dress like his son were standing.

Hosni Mubarak imprisonment

During the decision Hosni Mobarak was in dock and sitting on a wheelchair, his two sons were standing with him wearing the dress like a prison.

Three sons and father has been fined 30 million dollars and it was ordered that he return embezzled amount of Rs 76 million.

86-year-old Hosni Mubarak in 2011 on misuse use of power and killings of protesters has been charged with conspiracy. Because this protests they had to be resign and separated from power.

In 2012, the protesters have been charged with the same conspiracy and he and then-Interior Minister Habib Alaadly has been sentenced to life in prison. But a high court accept the request against this decision and and ordered a new trial.

Hosni Mubarak, a court in August to be released from jail and ordered to enter a military hospital in Cairo, where he is still detained.

Thailand army declared martial law in country

Martial law in Thailand

Martial law impose by army in Thailand: Army has said that he impose martial law in country due to political crisis. After this surprising announcement, army have been received the broad powers to enforce their order in the country.

The military says the country’s security responsibilities cannot be equated with treason. Conflict and political crises between government and opposition is the main reason to impose martial Law in the country.

The interim prime minister of the country’s top security adviser said the decision was not taken into confidence about the government.
Thailand martial law

Military spokesman said about Martial law

A military spokesman said that martial law will have no effect on the caretaker government will remain in power.

Military imposed martial law to stop these elements which wanted to use weapon of war is astounding for everyone. Earlier in the 2006 Thai military seized power.

Thailand’s state TV channels broadcast an announcement saying martial law is imposed in order to maintain peace and order. The announcement stated to the public, there is no need to panic and they can lead their lives as usual.

Thailand has a long political crisis and opposition parties have to demand handover the power to a non-elected administration so that he could redesign the constitution.

Egypt: Court sentence to death 683 member of Muslim Brotherhood and a leader

Court sentence to death 683 People in Egypt

A court in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed badee 683 people are sentenced to death.
Egypt sentences former president of the chaotic situation in the country and stress resulting in large numbers of casualties have been sentenced in the case.

These things are said lawyers involved in the case. Which is increasingly the case that the hearing is being widely criticized. International human rights organization Human Rights Watch said the trial defense lawyer only an hour and was not given an opportunity to present his case.
683 people sentenced to death in Egypt

Correspondents say many women gathered outside the court, some of which were decided after hearing fainted.
In addition, a supporter of ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Morssi last year is accused of attacking a police station. The final decision about this will come at the end of June.

Earlier Saturday, Egypt’s ousted president, Mohammad Mursi, 11 the court supporters rioting and Sentenced for taking part in them.

The recent decision of the Egyptian army-backed government against the Islamists has been among the ongoing sanctions. Mohammed Morsi in July last year in the wake of protests against his government was sacked by the army. Mohammad Mursi are charged separately

12 Guides killed in Mount Everest avalanche

12 died in Mount Everest avalanche

The world’s highest peak Mount Everest avalanche killed at least 12 local guides. An avalanche swept down a slope of Mount Everest on Friday killing 12 Nepali mountaineering guides. Known as pop corn field avalanche region dropped six thirty in the morning local time. Officials say the place is closer to the base camp of Mount Everest and its height is 5800 meters.

Mount Everest

Both China and Nepal over the territorial limits of the world’s highest peak is 8848 meters or 29029 feet altitude A government official told that some guides saved when the process is on to find the other.

Tourism Ministry officials told that three helicopters to help the relief operations in the area have been sent. The Associated Press news agency quoted officials as members of Sherpa guides for the morning hikers in the area that were putting ropes avalanche fell.

Since 1953 after conquering the first time climbed more than three thousand people and many climbers have died in the meantime.

Now separate gender for eunuchs in India

India’s Supreme Court order about the gender of eunuchs

India’s Supreme Court ordered the eunuchs had a long-standing demand that they recognize ‘third gender’ to be recognized as. The court also ordered the eunuchs to provide all the amenities, including a reservation Indian Constitution under the Other Backward Classes who have.

Before official records there were only two types of recognition, men and women and eunuchs of them had to involve him in these categories.
Now separate gender for eunuchs in India
The company’s lawyer, Sanjeev Bhatnagar said that the landmark judgment in society, discrimination against eunuchs exercised the Court has taken very seriously and they provide all the facilities to other backward classes (OBC) match.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, a prominent leader of the eunuchs, said jubilation eventually, the society has the right to equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India is given.

On the peripheries of society, eunuchs are long, but the quota in jobs and educational institutions will facilitate the launch of their lives can be changed forever. Human rights activists believe this decision is a historic breakthrough.

AP Singh says Supreme Court lawyer eunuchs in the old days there was respect, the decision of the Supreme Court, he will be brought back into the mainstream. All official records of the third gender will also include a new category.

Eunuchs argued that the Constitution does not distinguish between citizens on the basis of gender. The Supreme Court said in its ruling that the law is not only because of the content shall not discriminate against them.

Human Rights spokesman says the discrimination they face in society until they are allowed to enter hospitals. Moreover, they forced her to determine the sex in public places is called.


A Pakistan’s driver’s son become the British Minister for Culture

Big Achievement for a Pakistan’s driver’s hardworking son

Pakistan, the son of a bus driver who fled the UK’s culture minister has been made. He will do their duties in the new position, games, media, tourism, telecom, Equality and art. He said, ‘I expect so soon the scene was not such a big service. However, it’s a great honor for me.

This is the first time that an Asian man in the UK has been involved in the Conservative cabinet member. In 2010 became MP Sajid Javid. He said he understands that success in his honor. Sajid Javid leaf turned down on the basis of his hard work and they are fans of Margaret Thatcher. Sajid Javed’s father went to Britain in 1961 and at that time only had a pound in his pocket. He lived in Rockdale

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The history of Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid was born in the year 1969 and they are four brothers. He attended public schools and studied at the University of Economics and Political Science. Sajid Javid and his four children, he explains that his father was a supporter of the Labor Party. After the year 1978, he became an admirer of Margaret Thatcher.

Sajid Javid, a former banker and finance minister, he was appointed last year. Sajid told that they are surprised and excited to meet new position.

Conservative leaders in the country to be affected by future changes Sajid Javed also joined the party in 1988. In 2009 he decided to enter politics.

Realistic time to looked talks of Middle East

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said that relations between Palestine and Israel looked realistic time has come. Speaking in Morocco Kerry argued that in this case, however, Washington had set a time limit Israel and Palestinians agree on a deal to try.

Clinton’s statement came in the last two days, Israel keeps its word to each other, is accused of. Speaking on a visit to Rabat on Friday, Clinton said, we still think it will stay for some time that the negotiation process is heading. We want to anticipate what the next steps.

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John Kerry believes that last from several weeks to resume direct negotiations with the parties pushing their efforts, however, shocked when her 26 prisoners held in Israeli jails differences with regard to come. The Washington expressed anger about the situation and said sides are unnecessary steps.

By Israel on Thursday to announce the release of Palestinian prisoners  fourt group angry Palestinians. Before the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli public three groups did not like at all was because many people were freed prisoners who were convicted of killing Israelis.

Israel on Thursday, Palestinian leaders enhance their identity in the wake of the United Nations to release Palestinian prisoners fourth group plan was abandoned. Tzipi Livni, Israel’s justice minister said the Palestinian prisoners’ release terms of his actions fear is Rs. That their stance on the Palestinian prisoners to be released each case the Israel before negotiations began in July promised to release them.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, beginning with the fourth Geneva Convention to ratify international treaties ‘Palestinian state’ requests signed by the Palestinians say the move prisoners from Israel is not going to react.

Mohammad Mursi,s backers of the 529 ordered death punishment

Egypt: Former president, Mohammad Mursi, a court ordered death punishment has 529 supporters . According to Reuters news agency charges imposed on all persons, including murder charges.These people belong to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and including 1200 individuals were being prosecuted.All those hard-line Islamist supporters of former President Mohammad Mursi.


Mohammad Mursi since the fall of the Egyptian authorities the crackdown against Islamists were arrested and hundreds of thousands of people died.

According to news agency Associated Press news agency in Cairo after a court decision handed down just two trials in which the lawyers of the accused said that they were not given an opportunity to state its position.

It has been sentenced in connection with the attacks that security forces in August last year, Mercy supporters to disperse a protest camp were after. Mercy allegedly by supporters, hundreds of people were killed in the attacks