Bomb attacks at Baghdad, kill 21

iraq bomb blast

Baghdad: Bombs torn through outdoor markets in and near Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 21 persons and wounding dozens, the newest in a dangerous signal that has strike Iraq in recent months, officials said.

Three blasting devices went off simultaneously in the Shiite town of Sabaa al-Bour, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of the Iraqi capital. The blasts – two at the market entry and one interior the buying area – went off as the location was crammed with shoppers.

Three women and two young kids were among those slain in the town market, according to police and hospital agents.

The attack came soon after a blasting device blast hit the al-Athorien market in Baghdad’s south district of Dora. policeman said that seven people, encompassing two women, were slain there and 17 persons were wounded.

Insurgents in Iraq often goal congested locations such as markets, cafes and mosques in alignment to impose huge casualties. More than 4,000 persons have been killed in aggression during the past couple of months.

All agents giving the casualty tolls for Thursday’s attacks talked on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to converse to the media.

No anyone immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks but they accept the hallmarks of Al Qaeda’s local agency in Iraq, renowned as the Islamic State of Iraq.

Al Qaeda is believed to be endeavouring to build on the Sunni minority’s discontent in the direction of what they consider to be second-class remedy by Iraq’s Shiite-led government.

A policeman killed in operation near Cairo in Egypt



CAIRO: Egyptian troops and policeman on weekday raged the village of Kerdassah beside Cairo within the newest crushing on militants, newspapers and security, agents same.

State agency MENA delineate that a senior policeman agent was slain within the procedure.

A security licensed declared that vehicles bearing armed workers entered the village whereas army helicopters hovered overhead.

A foot supply confirmed the procedure in Kerdassah, wherever clashes between security forces and equipped assemblies had erupted simply hours when Egypt’s administration commenced a crushing on 2 bivouacs of supporters of ousted leader Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on August fourteen.

The battling left eleven security agents dead whereas some policeman stations were torched.

Egyptian policeman and armies have commenced a maintained campaign against militants and Islamists since the army’s ouster of Morsi on July three.

The operation in Kerdassah arrives when a alike crushing was commenced within the city of Delga in central Egypt on Mon.

While most supporters of ousted previous Egyptian president Morsi are crushed by security forces, there square measure still protestors in several parts of Egypt and therefore the Sinai barren, holding the unrest alive.

Rupee’s Vs Dollar


KARACHI: The dollar thrashed the rupee once more on Wednesday because it gained one per cent in only one meeting to come back to Rs106 within the inter-bank market.

In the open market the buck was swapped at Rs107 and therefore the commercialism capability remained restricted.

The market seen a panic-like position because the demand remained high whereas the shortage was persistent.

The native currency lost seven.5 per cent since the PML-N government assumed power within the 1st week of June this year.

Currency dealers aforesaid the banking concern intervened within the second meeting to convey down the dollar at Rs105.88 however the importers were found passing upset over the position.

Currency dealers and professionals were in shock that the native currency wasn’t golf stroke any opposition against the dollar. however the govt. seems to possess concerned serene and funky mind-set.

Market professionals believe the govt. was by design devaluing the native currency to rendezvous the case of the IMF within the aawakenn of $6.6bn deal. However, no approved broadcast has been created during this contemplate.

The professionals aforesaid they were appalled by the government’s “surrender” to the rupee’s free drop.

“Indian government is facing large accounting inadequacy however it took immediate assesses to avoid wasting the rupee,” aforesaid Mahound Sohail, chief operating officer of Topline guarantees. “In our case, lively action square measure missing to halt this free drop of rupee on dull and obvious.

The agreement with the IMF did not reinforce the rupee, they said, adding that that they had no thought once the localized currency’s depreciation would stop.

Pakistan could reach pay back the IMF debt with the assistance of another bundle by the Fund, however broadening gap of trade inadequacy and dropping reserves may farther expand the current account inadequacy that wasn’t terribly high throughout the last commercial enterprise.

The current account was in surplus of $46 million in Gregorian calendar month of gift|this|the current} commercial enterprise however within the present position the outlook of deficit is looming massive.

With poor reserves of $5.1 billion and minor foreign investment, this account deficit is compelled to extend this year, aforesaid Atif Ahmed, a currency merchandiser and skilled within the inter-bank market.

He aforesaid the mother country desires $1.3 billion a month on the average for the import of crude merchandise. it’s adequate to conceive imbalances on external account, cut back the country’s capability to import and strike the rate arduous for farther devaluation of native rupee.

37 injured and about six person dead in Kabul Car bomb attack

Afghanistan KABUL: A car bomb attack in Kabul Afghanistan killed 7 civilians and more than 37 civilians curled in Kabul Afghanistan on 16th May 2013 on Thursday

In a report the Afghanistan’s health minister mention that  the main target of the Suicide bomber is the foreign military convoy. More than 37 persons wounded in car bomb attack and six civilians dead in this attack

The ministry officer of Kabul Afghanistan Syed Kabir Amiri mention in his report that:

[quote]We have six dead and 37 wounded, all civilians. Some of the bodies are badly damaged and can’t be identified,”[/quote]

Afghanistan always remain in the critical situations and this type of attacks are common in this country. The military operation in Afghanistan is due to stop the such type of persons in Afghanistan.

Recently many people dead in such type of bomb attacks and their target is Foreign military in Afghanistan. But foreign military decide that they can face any challenge.


Two people dies during the terrorist attack on Tanzania Church

ARUSHA: The President of Tanzania Jakaya Kilwete Said the attack and the explosion in the church is an act of the Terrorism. He mention this on a report on Monday 06th May 2013.

Sunday on 05th May 2013 a bomb blast in the the church of the famous city of Tanzania known as ARUSHA and about two people died in this explosion. The President of Tanzania Jakaya Kilwete said that this is a terrorist attack on our country and also an terrorism act.

This is first time in Tanzania when a bomb blast in the Church of any city of Tanzania. In a report we get that the Commissioner of Arusha mentioned that just two people died during this attack and some part of the building of church damage badly.

Official said that six people has been arrested by the local police in the charge of Bomb attack in the church of Arusha Tanzania.

Police tried to get some information from those but they could not providing any detail or information related to the bomb blast. Police arrested 4 saudi residents and 2 local residents….

More Than 1,000 death in the Dhaka Bangladesh by a building Collapse

DHAKA: Last night on Monday 03 May 2013 more 15 bodies are pulled out from the rubble of the collapse building  On Saturday 04 May 2013 the Local Army mention that more that 1000 person dead in the collaspe of the building in Dhaka.

Dhaka Army is set as the rescue team in the collapse building and busy to pulled out the dead bodies and alive persons from the ruble of collapse building. The coordinate officer of the rescue army Major Sazzad Hossain mentioned that [quote]Death tool now stand at 540[/quote]

The building was collapses in the capital of Bangladesh in Dhaka on 24th April 2013 and we rescue more than 2,437 people successfully out of 3,000 people.

A large number of crowd is captured the collapse building with their love ones photographs who was in the building during the collapse. The rescue team is trying is best to find more people in the rubble.

Sazzad Hossain also mentioned that the exact report about the collapse of the building and total injuries, death and further details will mention later after completing the rescue operation in collapse building.

Sazzad Hossain told the media that , Police have arrested the twelve people including the owner of the collapse building. About four months ago in the same area 111 people was died in due to fire in a garments factory….

On 6th May 2013 on Monday the Major Manzoor Elahi who is the in army control room is said that[quote]The Death Toll in the Building collapse in Dhaka reached on 654 and May be the toll is expected to rise further[/quote]

Now in the latest news the army spokesman Captain Shahnewaz Zakaria said that  Death toll no stands on 1006. He said that we are doing search operation here since last 17th days and the death toll now stand on 1,006. but we will continue over search till last person we found.

Genetic Links found during research for the Hostile Cancer

Washington: Through some research the scientist found the Genetic links for the violent type of the Cancer. This report was established on Thursday 3rd  May 2013

Through new research we got the genetic links of the aggressive cancer in a human body. The scientist are facing many problem to simulate these Genetic but soon they will get fully control over it.

The National Institute of Health which is also known as the “Cancer Genome Atlas Project” is success to decode about 10,000 Cancer tumors in all type of the cancers. This is a very important news for all the health researchers because before it we not now how much type of tumors in cancers.

Cancer is very harmful disease for human because its last stage indicate the death. Now by this research over the Genetic of the Aggressive caner the doctors can easily find their treatments. By one report of America we get that more that 14,000 people in America is died due to the Cancer.

So it is good for those people who are suffering in Cancer and want a best treatments.

A Massive Wildfire in LOS ANGELES rugged in Country Side

LOS ANGELESE: The Wild fire now rugged in the countryside. Hundred of citizens were stopped in California ‘s Scenic Coastal in highway due to this wild fire. People was very angry by this reaction of rescuers…

By Some report we get that its was a very horror scene. The Flame of wild fire was flying here and there like the winds of the Pacific Ocean. Round about 8,000 or more area is effected by this wildfire and also many houses are burnt.

The LOS ANGELES media also provide the live footage of the wild fire. And we saw that more than 600 fire fighters was working very hard to control over the huge wildfire but after very struggle they can’t control over the Wild Fire in LOS ANGELES.

on Friday 03rd May 2013 the Pacific highway was close for the people in California due to this wildfire. All the coverage of the wild fire was shown on the local news channels time to time.

The Fire Fighter try their best to control over the flames of fire but the fire was very dangerous. Many helicopters also used for this purposes to control over the fire. They split water on the fire through air.

Through some reports we also get that the wildfire is very common thing in across western united State in Summer. But this time this wildfire cover over 8,000 acre area and also enter in countryside and burnt many houses…

China is more Threatened for us not Pakistan Mulayam Singh Yadav

New Delhi: The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav explains in a report that China is much danger for us not Pakistan. India is not in danger from Pakistan but China.

In a meeting conference of Mulayam Singh Yadav with media on Tuesday 30th April 2013, he explained that India have no fear and not in danger from Pakistan. He also explains to the news reporters that India is not threatened by Pakistan army but India is in danger from China.

The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav also explain about the interference if the Chinese army in Ladakh border. Mulayam Singh Yadav also explains that our army is cowardly and incompetent. He also charges on Chinese Army after the interference in Ladakh that China want to capture the India area.

The former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav also told media that China want to repeat the 1962 events. I always try to aware the government of India about the situation and about the planning of China but I couldn’t get any reply from my government or Prime Minister. Indian Army is ready to remove the Chinese army from Ladakh but they couldn’t get any response from the Government. China is the greater threatened for India than Pakistan.