Pakistani hackers attack Google

A team of ‘ethical’ Pakistani hackers have reportedly attacked Google’s Malaysian domain, and made the location inaccessible to users for a day.

The hackers, who call themselves ‘Team Madleets’, and its lead hacker, who identifies himself a ‘1337’ have asserted responsibility for the attack.

The hackers’ Facebook page brags of attacks on some other high-profile intrusions over the world but they assert that they are concentrated only on helping nations advance their security.

The team said that there is not much cause behind their attacks, but only to prove that security is just an illusion and it does not live, supplementing that they have no political aims whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Google verified that it was DNS attack but its services were not influenced by it and users were rather redirected to another location, the report added. (ANI)

Author: Ghu Hasa

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