Google Reunion Promotion Ad Based Pak-India Separation

Google Reunion video still

1947 India-Pakistan partition left hundreds of stories behind the time, article may arouse spectres from the past in the minds of numerous as it divided millions of friends and families overnight. absolutely, it doesn’t stop some from tackling the haunting know-how with a humanitarian sign. Google believes partition divides nations but companionship can find a way. The search monster attempts to put this issue across with a heart-warming advertisement that display how two associates, tattered apart by the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan are conveyed together with the help of its technology.

Google ‘Reunion’ crusade promotion

Expertise can convey the actual figure.The whole story is depicted in a three minute video where an older man, Baldev is a character who conversing to his granddaughter, While Baldev telling her about his childhood memorandum days and a ally (Yusuf) he had back in Lahore before the partition and how he is being missed awfully by him.

Affected by Baldev’s story, the progeny concludes to reunite the duo. Her yearn is ignited by Google search after finding the names and the position of positions mentioned in the article. She calls up, gets in touch with the friend’s grandson and plans for the two friends meet in India, taking help of both Google seek and Google Now.

The friend’s (Yusuf) grandson benefits Google to organise for their identification, visa and air travel to India. In the end, Baldev undoes his doorwayway to glimpse Yusuf standing and they instantly hug each other with teary eyes.

“Google Search assists you find anything you’re looking for. We’ve brought this concept to life in a short video displaying how human passion and hope can overcome time and boundaries. In this article, a woman in India reunites her grandfather with his childhood ally (who is now in Pakistan) following six decades of separation since the partition of India—with a little help from Google. We hope this is a reflection of the numerous stories of reunion. If you find it going, share it

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