Google Science Fair winners Thrilled to Achieve the Deserved Awards

powerlight powered by body energy
powerlight powered by body energy
power light invented which is charged by your body energy

Fifteen year vintage Ann Makosinski of Victoria, Canada, has invented a flashlight, which is called The Hallow Flashlight that works simply with the heat of your hand. Her flashlight is one of four winning creations in the annual `Google research Fair’. All you need is to be living and warm to heat this flashlight and swap it on. The event emphasised teen discovery aaround the globe. There were more than thousand submissions in the event and the impressive prize of $50,000 scholarship was taken away by San Diego’s Eric Chen for his use of computer modeling to find out new inininfluenzaenzaenza medicines. The 17 year vintage young man is currently endeavouring to save the world. He has utilised a supercomputer and biological experimentation to find ways to hasten up the breakthrough of influenza inhibitors ahead of future ininfluenzaenza pandemics in his innovation. A fourteen year old young female, Viney Kumar of Australia, was in the category of 13 to 14 age assembly. She won for creating an Android app that warns drivers 70 seconds before the approach of an hospital vehicle or other crisis answer vehicle. According to Viney, the app utilises GPS data to give motorists abounding of time to get out of the way, decreasing the possibility of responders getting attached in traffic.

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