Passenger Plane can flies without Pilot over 800 kilometer

Now a Passenger Plan can flies about 800 kilometers above without a pilot. In civilian airspace a business Airplane make a air trip with out any pilot or physical control.

The Plane is designed like a drone plane which is handle by the ground Pilots. In this plane the scientist also used the same techniques like drones and handle the airplane from mile away from a ground base control centers.

A lot of money is include in this research of making a pilot-less air plane, By one report we got that more than £62 million has been spent on this research. The researchers and Scientist are using the same tools to implement pilot-less airplane which used in Drones.

But to start the journey over the airspace this plane need a physical controller to take flight from the earth, in this purpose pilots done their jobs and when the airplane straight and controlled on the air they remove their position and then it is control by the land base controlling center.

Now it is known as the business airplane because it is just 19 seated aircraft and an auto pilot plan. After attested many time and confirmation the drones type of technology in this business plane, The auto pilot airplane now open for civilians business persons and now they can enjoy the air space journey with out any pilot.

But this structure plane is fail to pass the air space algorithms and due to its air safety because United kingdom Civil Aviation Authority explain that an autopilot plane can not understood the rule, regulation and policy of the air but a pilot can understand.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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