Export trader carrying gold bricks in his belly

gold bricks found from a trader's belly

Gold bricks in belly of a trader

In Delhi, the capital of India, according to a doctor about a businessman, bricks of gold were found for his belly. 63-year-old businessman in the field getting vomiting and complaining of pain and was admitted to the hospital.

A trader said the doctor after he ends his angry wife and was swallowed bottle caps. But when the doctors done their operation from their stomach Bottle Cap instead they nearly got four hundred grams of gold. Doctors which done operation told that police and customs authorities and traders asking some questions and have gold in their possession.
gold-bricks found from a trader's belly

Use of gold in the world, India is a country where most of the metal due to the increase in import tax recorded an increase in smuggling.

Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said a senior surgeon, Dr. C. S. Ram Chndran in his life he “did not see this type of case.”

He said, ‘This is the first time that I found gold form patient’s stomach. I remember one time I had a bladder stone weighing one kg of the found from a patient’s stomach. He said, ‘It was the need to give a three-hour operation. He was an elderly patient and we had to take care. We found piles of peat 12 gold brick.
Last year, the Indian government for creating demand for gold decreasing import taxes tripled.

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