ICANN Announced 4 New top-level Web Domains


The letters given at the end of any World Wide Web addresses, like .pk, .in, .ae, .com called generic of domain names and Icann introduced four new generics
(Icann) The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is hoping to work out that new names within weeks.
They are:游戏, the Chinese word for “game”; شبكة, the Arabic word for “web”; and the Russian words онлайн and сайт for “online” and “web site”,
Icann wants blossoms of new top-level domains will finally be made.
Until now, were limited to mostly familiar endings such as .com, .net and .biz.
But Icann has planned to open this scheme up, asking for companies to submit submissions for titles they would like to list.
companies came ahead to demand nearly 2,000 new titles including the likes of .ninja,.porn, and .ferrari. The BBC shown interest in .bbc.
This is an effort to make internet more inclusive”
Google submitted 101 demands, encompassing .google and .youtube, and furthermore had more unexpected concepts such as .dad, and., .boo and .new.
This is a time taking process for Icann to method all of those requests, especially in situations where more than one firm wants enrolled the same gTLD – such as .music, demanded by both Google and Amazon.
The most well liked domain title was .app – with 13 distinct World Wide Web firms interested in it.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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