37 injured and about six person dead in Kabul Car bomb attack

Afghanistan KABUL: A car bomb attack in Kabul Afghanistan killed 7 civilians and more than 37 civilians curled in Kabul Afghanistan on 16th May 2013 on Thursday

In a report the Afghanistan’s health minister mention that  the main target of the Suicide bomber is the foreign military convoy. More than 37 persons wounded in car bomb attack and six civilians dead in this attack

The ministry officer of Kabul Afghanistan Syed Kabir Amiri mention in his report that:

[quote]We have six dead and 37 wounded, all civilians. Some of the bodies are badly damaged and can’t be identified,”[/quote]

Afghanistan always remain in the critical situations and this type of attacks are common in this country. The military operation in Afghanistan is due to stop the such type of persons in Afghanistan.

Recently many people dead in such type of bomb attacks and their target is Foreign military in Afghanistan. But foreign military decide that they can face any challenge.


Author: Ghu Hasa

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