91 Shiites Jailed within 4 Days in Bahrain

Bahrain Shias jailed
Bahrain Shias jailed
Bahrain Shias jailed

DUBAI: A Bahraini court punished on Wednesday four Shiites to 15 years of imprisonment each after convicting them of detonating a blasting device that wounded an Asian employee in Manama, a judicial source said.
The ruling is the third strong judgment since Sunday and brings to 91 the number of Shiites jailed in four days over aggression, in the middle of condemnation from rights watchdog Amnesty worldwide.
The four were suspect of “forming a terrorist assembly, attempted killing, and (carrying out) bombings,” according to the ascribe sheet.
According to prosecutors,they sown two roadside bombs in November last year in Manama’s Al-Adliya locality. One blasting device exploded beside a garbage receptacle wounding an Asian employee, while the second one beside an electricity generator was defused.
On Sunday, a Bahraini court presented prison terms of up to 15 years to 50 activists, encompassing a famous Shiite Iraqi cleric, convicted of forming a clandestine opposition assembly.
Amnesty forced the ruling against them as appalling and claimed a probe into accusations that some were tortured.
On Monday, a court imprisoned 37 other Shiites for up to 15 years for carrying out “terrorist crimes” in the kingdom. In August, monarch Hamad decreed stiffer punishments for “terror acts” in the homeland rocked by a Shiite-led uprising since 2011.
These include a smallest 10-year prison period for an tried bombing. If casualties outcome, the judgment can be life imprisonment or death.
Bahraini Shiites extend to illustrate in villages outside the capital and frequently conflict with policeman.
At least 89 persons have been killed since the protests erupted in 2011, according to the worldwide Federation for Human privileges.
Strategically established across the Gulf from Shiite Iran, Bahrain is home to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet and is an offshore economic and services centre for its oil-rich Gulf Arab friends.

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