A Nominal Blast in Narendar Modi’s procession



Just a couple of hours before the Hunkar Rally of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP’s) major ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Patna, four low-intensity blasts reportedly took location in the Bihar capital on Sunday, departing one dead and some others hurt.

12.50pm: Fifth bomb blast was described at Gandhi Maidan, which is the venue for Narendra Modi’s Hunkar rally.

Following the explodes, chaos marked the rally venue.

12.45pm: Four low-intensity blasts took place near Gandhi Maidan, which is Modi’s rally venue, accounts said.

A suppose was allegedly apprehended in attachment with the blasts.

previous in the day, a crude bomb blew up at a platform in Patna railway station on Sunday, departing one person hurt.

“The explosion appeared at an isolated place on stage number 10. It was a crude blasting device and one person has been injured,” SSP Manu Maharaj said.

The occurrence came just hours before BJP major Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was to address a rally in the Bihar capital, for which BJP had made comprehensive arrangements to convey the persons to the town.

Following the incident, security was beefed-up at the railway position in the awaken of Modi’s rally in Patna.

Two country-made bombs were also discovered at the position, which, reports said, were being difused.

RPF causes said that the blast took location in a paid lavatory at the position.

The SSP said that blasting device disposal and forensic groups have come to the location and the area was being sanitised.

Home ministry has searched report from Bihar governmentt on Patna trains station blast that killed one person.

assembly General receptionist Digvijaya Singh challenged Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to find the culprits behind the blast ahead of Modi’s Hunkar rally. “What a coincidence explodes at Patna trains on the day of Modi’s Rally! Challenge to Nitish Govt to find the culprit!,” he tweeted.

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One thought on “A Nominal Blast in Narendar Modi’s procession”

  1. How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    In your “ Hunkar “ rally at Patna yesterday , you said ,

    “ Poor hindus and poor musalmans should not fight each other . They should join hands to fight poverty……

    When Congress fought 2009 elections , it promised jobs . How many of you got those promised jobs ? “

    True , for over 55 years , successive Congress governments have been busy in “ Garibi Hatao “ – without success

    So what did they do ?

    Re-draw the Garibi-Rekha ( Poverty Line ) at Rs 27/day in urban areas , to give an impression that very few people in India , are “ really poor “

    Even then , this works out to 400 million people ! By their own twisted standard

    If I were to assume that BJP’s garibi rekha is , at a more respectable , Rs 100 per day , then this figure could well go over 700 million people !

    Exact figures are unimportant

    What is more important is ,

    “ How do you pull these poor , out of poverty ? “

    There are only 2 ways , viz:,

     Create jobs

     Enable poor to become self-employed

    Now , even though you don’t have a Ph D in Economics ( thank God ! ), you are a hard-headed Gujju businessman !

    On top of that , you started your own career as a “ Self employed tea vendor “ on railway stations and in trains

    So you know what it costs ( by way of capital investment + working capital ) to create just ONE job in the economy

    Depending upon , whether that job is in Public Sector / Large organized Private Sector / Medium sized industry / Roadside retail grocery shop or a Pan-Beedi dukaan of a self employed , the figure would range from Rs 10 Crores / job to Rs 10,000 for a Pan-Beedi shop !

    ( If in doubt , take Annual Report of any Tata / Adani / Ambani / Birla company and divide the Capital Employed by Manpower )

    Now pick your own favorite figure ( per job investment ) and multiply with your own ( convenient ? ) figure of 700 million poor people , desperately wanting to “ fighting poverty “

    In BJP’s poll manifesto , will you please mention , where you will find the money required to fulfill your promise ? I hope , you will not raise taxes !

    How exactly , Narendrabhai ?

    Hint :

    Read my Poll Manifesto Suggestions , sent to Shri Murli Manohar Joshi , 3 days back !

    • Hemen parekh ( 28 Oct 2013 )

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