Bomb Blast in Historic Center Prague and 40 hurt Seriously

By the latest news that 40 persons hurt seriously in Prague after the heavily Bomb Blast in Historic center building. Many portion of the Historic center change in the shape of rubble and many people are buried alive under this rubble. The local police of Prague sealed the area for all tourist and local people. After investigation the spoken person of the Prague Government Thomas Hulan inform media that it is due to the leakage of the gas in some portion in the building but now situation is under control.

There were many people in the Historic Center of Prague but only forty (40) people have been taken to the local hospital for treatment. All Rescue services start their work immediately that’s why there is no news for any loss of life. But through some resources we get that round about three (03) people are burred under the rubble of the historic center Prague. Rescue persons do their best to find then as soon as possible. When some one asked from Hulan about the cause of blast he replied that [quote]A gas blast seems to be the most likely cause. The explosion was rather massive and damaged windows in several streets,[/quote]Local media also the witness about the smell of gas on the spot of blast…

Author: Ghu Hasa

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