3 kills By US Drone Attack in Pakistan

drone attack on PESHAWAR
drone attack on PESHAWAR

MIRANSHAH: A US drone hit slain three militants on Sunday in a restive Pakistani tribal district near the Afghan boundary, thenewstrans reported.
The hit took location in the Dargamandi locality, seven kilometres (four miles) north of Miranshah which is the major village in the North Waziristan tribal district.
The locality is a bastion of militants linked to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Another localizedized authorized confirmed the strike and casualties. However, an understanding authorized in Miranshah put the toll at four.
The locality aimed at by the drone is said to be the stronghold of Afghanistan’s Haqqani network, a guerrilla faction connected to the Taliban.
US drone attacks are profoundly unpopular in Pakistan, but Washington sees them as a vital tool in the battle against militants in the lawless tribal localities along the boundary with Afghanistan.
The Pakistani government has frequently disputed against drone strikes as a violation of its sovereignty. But personally agents have been reported as saying the attacks can be useful in eliminating militants from the country.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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