Egypt: Court sentence to death 683 member of Muslim Brotherhood and a leader

683 people sentenced to death in Egypt

Court sentence to death 683 People in Egypt

A court in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed badee 683 people are sentenced to death.
Egypt sentences former president of the chaotic situation in the country and stress resulting in large numbers of casualties have been sentenced in the case.

These things are said lawyers involved in the case. Which is increasingly the case that the hearing is being widely criticized. International human rights organization Human Rights Watch said the trial defense lawyer only an hour and was not given an opportunity to present his case.
683 people sentenced to death in Egypt

Correspondents say many women gathered outside the court, some of which were decided after hearing fainted.
In addition, a supporter of ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Morssi last year is accused of attacking a police station. The final decision about this will come at the end of June.

Earlier Saturday, Egypt’s ousted president, Mohammad Mursi, 11 the court supporters rioting and Sentenced for taking part in them.

The recent decision of the Egyptian army-backed government against the Islamists has been among the ongoing sanctions. Mohammed Morsi in July last year in the wake of protests against his government was sacked by the army. Mohammad Mursi are charged separately

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