Iran’s president Welcomed with tomatoes and shoes……

Hasan Rouhani come back Iran
Hasan Rouhani come back Iran
Hasan Rouhani come back Ira

TEHRAN – Adversaries and voters threw tomatoes, eggs and shoes at car of leader President Hassan Rouhanir after Iran’s new foremost returned from a ground-breaking visit to the United States Of America, according to some witnesses.
The episode engaging dozens of protesters lasted less than a minute.
Meanwhile, a bigger crowd of supporters of the leader, whose historic phone dialogue with leader Barack Obama capped a promotion blitz streak that started with his sit-down with NBC News’ Ann Curry last week, forfeited a lamb in his honor and cheered him at the aerodrome after his plane landed.
The distinct assemblies held up vying placards, according to the New York Times’ Thomas Erdbrink.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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