Mike (R) and Andre du Toit Jailed For 35 Years in Nelson Mandela Case

Mike (R) and Andre du Toit
Mike (R) and Andre du Toit
Mike (R) and Andre du Toit

The mastermind behind a right wing extremist contrive to murder former South African leader Nelson Mandela and drive blacks out of the homeland was punished on Tuesday to 35 years in jail.

Boeremag The ringleader of a white supremacist militia mike du Toit, jailed 35 years along with four other defendants over a botched 2002 contrive to overthrow the post-apartheid government, the prosecution said.

The referee at the High Court in Pretoria punished the rest of the 20 militia constituents on test to between 10 and 30 years counting on their degree of engagement in the contrive, nationwide Prosecution Authority spokesman Medupe Simasiku told AFP.

Although, several of the defendants will be going dwelling free men because the referee suspended 10 years of the judgments against them and took into account the time behind bars during the test.

The test lasted almost a decade until the Boeremag members were convicted in August last year the first at fault verdicts for treason since the end of apartheid in 1994.

All 20 suspect were convicted of treason, but only five of killing and the plot to murder Nobel calm laureate Mandela, South Africa’s first very dark leader.

The Boeremag Afrikaans for “Boer Force”, a reference to the descendants of the first Dutch colonisers had planned to sow chaos through bomb blasts.

They then proposed to take over infantry bases, restore the government with white infantry rule and follow all blacks and Indians from the country.

One woman past away and dozens of persons were injured in blasts that agitated the Johannesburg township of Soweto in October 2002.

The assembly encompassed previous university lecturer Du Toit, a health health practitioner, ex fighters and ranchers.

Mandela is now of95 years, he is critically ill but being hospitalised at his Johannesburg home after being discharged from hospital in September following a three month stay.

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