Mine collapse in Indonesia and about 21 person died

TIMIKA Indonesia: On 14th May 2013 on Tuesday a freeport, gold mine collapse in Timika. On the collapse day the rescue persons save 10 people alive but now death tolls reaches to 21.

By a report the rescued workers told that there are about thirty eight workers in the tunnel. But only ten workers alive and now death toll reach at 21. The Mine collapse accident was occurred in the Freeport tunnel in Timika Indonesia.

The accident of the mine collapse occurred in the world biggest gold and copper mine mountains n the province in Indonesia in Papua on 14th May 2013 and just 10 workers rescued alive out of thirty eight workers who work in the Mine.

In last night on 20th May 2013 the rescue and search team explain that only 17 (seventeen) workers died in the tunnel collapse in TIMIKA Indonesia. But in today morning on 21st May 2013 on Tuesday the rescue persons found another four dead bodies in Freeport, Gold and Copper mine.

The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyoo said I want the full report of causes of mine collapse and If we found the negligence of the authority in Mine then we will take the serious action against the management of the Mine.

Now worker demanding the full secure and save system for their works otherwise they will go on strike against the management of freeport, Gold and Copper mine…


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