New Species of Humback Dolphins found in north Ausrtralian Sea

Humpback Dolfin
Humpback Dolfin
Humpback Dolfin

For the very first time new kinds of dolphins which are called humpback have been discovered by the team of international researchers in the sea of north of Australia.
This kind of Dolphins neither watched nor discovered ever and it was the very first time when these kind of Dolphin are found in a shout swimming and playing with Dolphins’ instinct.
Humpback’s the decided name to this species by mapping and examining of many specimens. This discovery also refuses the claim of scientist that two kinds of Humpback Dolphins are existing in water realm , this discovery has added 2 more which has shown the 4 kinds of humpback on the surface of knowledge and discovery.

Author: Ghu Hasa

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