Saudi Arabia now plan a separate airport for Hujjaj

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A separate airport for pilgrims

Riyadh: General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) said on Thursday that Saudi Arabia now build a new Airport for giving the service to pilgrims to Mecca in the nearby city of Taif.

GACA spokesperson said  that they setting up a tender and will request consortia from international and neighborhood organizations to offer bid for creating the airport, and means to award an agreement in the first a half of 2015. He said it will be produced on an assemble-work-exchange premise, in which a designer funds the development and recovers its venture by working the runway.

The airport strip will serve guests for the yearly Hajj, and additionally Umrah, a lesser pilgrimage to Mecca which might be performed at whenever of year.

latest world news

The stockperson said that GACA’s board sanction the project on Wednesday and is working with the International Financing Corporation, the counseling wing of the World Bank, to help set up the tender.

The vast majority of the million Hajj travelers hailing from abroad every year now touch base at an uncommon terminal in Jeddah’s International Airport; however others fly into Medina, the city where Islam’s originator built the first Muslim community.

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