Solar Eclipse prevails the world

solar eclips prevails the world


solar eclips prevails the world
solar eclips prevails the world

complete solar eclipse in the U.S. will be watched on Aug. 21, 2013 .some parts of Europe and Africa along with USA will be imbraced with last Solar eclips of 2013. Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, of central African countries, people will see the perfect sight of solar eclipse .
native of earth will see the last eclipese of the year.
The view of this eclipse will be clear in the areas of southeastern of united Sates as the weather forcast is favouring
this anticipation on sunday morning.
protection of eyes will be essantioal to have the watch of this eclips, unlike the lunar eclipse ,as this solar eclipse could be harmful for sight even eyes injuries and blindness could be occured.For it welder glasses No 14 will be required for the safe watching.people in pakistan will watch this eclipse right tomorrow in the whole at 4.o6 pm.
Howeve,in middle east people would follow the partial solar eclips .

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