Two people dies during the terrorist attack on Tanzania Church

ARUSHA: The President of Tanzania Jakaya Kilwete Said the attack and the explosion in the church is an act of the Terrorism. He mention this on a report on Monday 06th May 2013.

Sunday on 05th May 2013 a bomb blast in the the church of the famous city of Tanzania known as ARUSHA and about two people died in this explosion. The President of Tanzania Jakaya Kilwete said that this is a terrorist attack on our country and also an terrorism act.

This is first time in Tanzania when a bomb blast in the Church of any city of Tanzania. In a report we get that the Commissioner of Arusha mentioned that just two people died during this attack and some part of the building of church damage badly.

Official said that six people has been arrested by the local police in the charge of Bomb attack in the church of Arusha Tanzania.

Police tried to get some information from those but they could not providing any detail or information related to the bomb blast. Police arrested 4 saudi residents and 2 local residents….

Author: Ghu Hasa

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